Brevard County First Response Team Information Meeting

Yesterday I had the great opportunity to meet with other "cryonauts" in Brevard County as the groundwork was put down for a local first response team there.
Thanks to Loraine Rhodes and the Terasem Movement, Rudi Hoffman, and Catherine Baldwin and Suspended Animation, and others!
Terasem provided the lovely location for the meeting, and this was my first opportunity to learn more about the organization.
I was very impressed by Catherine Baldwin's presentation on cryonics first response, and once again I had the opportunity to see Suspended Animation's first response kits and their mobile operating room. It sounds to me as though Suspended Animation is now more capable than ever of providing the services it is designed to provide.
Rudi Hoffman gave an interesting presentation on the ethics of cryonics; as he said, "Life is good, and a prerequisite for doing good." Far from being obvious, this is a point which must be explained and taught in order for people to understand our message!
Florida has more cryonauts than almost any other state, and we are lucky to have not only Suspended Animation but also the beginning of a new first reponse capability in the Brevard County area, about an hour closer to the Tampa Bay area than SA's Boynton Beach.
On the other hand, we have a long way to go toward the most reasonable goal, of having full cryonics capability in every major population center in the state. Yet the first step is clear: organizing local cryonauts, developing the capacity for volunteering and financial sponsorship, and then creating a local volunteer and basic medical first response team which can serve all cryonics service providers. Even the most modest steps in this direction can improve the possibility of better biostasis for local cryonauts.

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Lori said...

Hi Arcturus3,

This is Loraine (Lori) Rhodes and I wanted to offer an update to your posting. Terasem's Alcor/Brevard County Cryonics First Response Team is and has been up and running since August 2010. In fact, we have an eight member, medically trained team and are fully equiped, including a transport vehicle. Four of these remarkable team members will accompany the Terasem staff to Suspended Animation May 20-22, 2011 Conference: The Company & The Goal in Ft. Lauderdale. I look forward to seeing many familiar faces at this conference.

Please don't hesitate to find me on www.TerasemCentral.org - I welcome all communication!