Heaven is not a Place; It's a Time

Someone once tried to console me after the death of someone I loved, "There is a better place." And I told him, "Yes, it's called the future, and we must get there any way we can."
Many people think there is a heaven somewhere out there. They look up - maybe up there? Heaven is an old word for sky. And yet we know much more about what is in that sky than our ancient ancestors.
Our ancestors had their dreams of a better life, though, and so do we. The potential for heaven is inside us, the potential for making earth into 'heaven', or paradise. By cultivating this hope, in thought and action, we can bring this paradise a little nearer every day. People all over the world are trying to bring this paradise a little nearer every day. And their efforts are greater than those who are trying to stop it, or those who are trying to go the other way. Our efforts to build a better world will also win out over those who do nothing one way or the other.
Scientists and engineers and philosophers are making essential contributions to building a better world for tomorrow, but so are people who do a good job at what they do, people who live out those philosophies in kindness to their families and friends. Everyone who can help sustain the world as it is can also enable the world to move forward, to be stable enough to evolve. We should realize how the smallest positive acts by any one of us can reverberate throughout our world and into the future.
So we know that the hope for heaven is in the future, in time, not in space. It is coming into being through us. It will be on Earth, but it will also be in 'heaven', that is, the sky - in our life in space and other worlds off of Earth. Paradise will also be very real, not daydreams - the palpably real world and experienced happiness of a life that will exist in the future for all people.
So yes, if we are building a better world, there will be a better place, in a better time, because of us and what we do today.

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