Time Present, Time Past, and Time Yet to Come

People say there are three times: the past, the present, and the future. We live in the present and we have mementos all around us of the past. People often think, 'the past is gone and nonexist now, and the future is not yet created'. But this is not true. The past is not destroyed, just because we cannot access it. The future is not nonexistent because we do not know it yet. Both are as real as the present.
Memories, artifacts, photos, journals – all these things are reminders of the physical reality of the past. The past does not survive as only traces, but the traces remind us of the continuing, 'eternal', transtemporal reality of the past, which is not changing or disappearing.
But what is the reminder to us of the physical reality of the future? Because it, too, is physically real 'now', 'sub specie aeternitatis', from a transtemporal perspective.
What reminds us of the physical reality of the future are things like hope, which will build the future. Also, the enduring nature and fundamental characteristics and processes of the universe, which are what the future will be built out of.

We are reminded of the physical reality of the future, then, by the dream of divinity within us and the enduring nature of reality around us. When the two converge, the divine will be realized in this world.

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