2 Obstacles: Impatience and Laziness

I believe in a better world to come. I believe we human beings must work towards it with all our effort and in hope. If we cannot imagine a better world, we cannot hope. If we cannot hope, we cannot have faith in ourselves and what we are working towards. If we do not believe that we will succeed, then we will not succeed; we will not even try.
And we should trust what we know and learn what we do not know and not fool ourselves or expect supernatural assistance. If we continue forward in hope, using all our human effort, for as long as it takes, I believe we will at last give rise to that better world to come, and we will give rise to God, in reality.
If we do not believe these things are possible, then we will refuse to work towards them. We must cultivate faith and hope in ourselves and in the results of effort over adequate time. If we are impatient, and expect everything to happen now, then we are being unreasonable with ourselves and our opportunity for effort. We must be patient enough to work long enough to see the results of our effort. It is difficult to be persistent, in the face of delays, and obstacles, and setbacks. But that is what we are called to do, over any given amount of time.
Then there are those who are patient, but patient enough to let others pursue the better world with effort. They may think a better world is "inevitable". But nothing in this world is inevitable. It is only by exercising effort that we can have reasonable faith, because it is that effort over time that we know can bring about a better world. So we cannot trust that others will do the necessary work, especially if they do not even believe in it! We must do it ourselves and know that that is the source of our faith.

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