Better Humans

The future will be built by the tools of technology, but not only by them. The tools of technology are wielded only by the will of human beings, and the will of human beings arises from the nature of human beings. In order to arrive at a better future through more advanced science and technology, the tools of technology will have to be wielded by the good wills of good people, who will use those tools wisely, skillfully, and compassionately.
To build toward a better world, we must make ourselves into better people. We can become better people as individuals, and also as societies. We must advance in science and technology, but we must advance even faster in our hearts and minds by seeking out an inner progress and a progress that we can build together with other people in our shared lives.
We must not come to understand the world around us and forget to understand ourselves. We must not order the world around us and neglect ordering our inner selves. Disharmony within us will give rise to disharmony in our societies and then disharmony in the application of all our tools. If we realize who we are and who we are meant to be, and how to realize ourselves in our shared lives with others, then we will be fit to use the tools at our disposal. When we become better people, we will be ready to build a better world with better tools, and even to re-build ourselves.

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