From the Beginning

The future world that we must bring into existence is the world that we human beings have sought since the very beginning. In bringing that world into existence, all our ancestors' hopes and dreams will be realized. The victory over every obstacle they faced will be won.

Since human beings first arose in prehistoric Africa, they have experienced the urge to become something greater. They have wanted to realize their full destiny. They have not wanted to stay in their present human form and condition, or to be limited to Earth, or to be limited to one brief lifetime.

Throughout history, human beings have struggled to survive; they have worked hard to prosper and attain happiness, and they have always tried to improve their own circumstances and those of future generations.

While often humans struggled just to survive, they also still dreamed. Their imaginations always soared far above their current circumstances to hopeful visions of realms above the Earth, lives beyond death, and beings greater than human. These visions demonstrated the innate ambition of human beings to be free, to know the whole world, to live forever, and to have greater powers to affect their circumstances.

Motivated by a desire to have better lives, our ancestors set about inventing fire, inventing stone tools, and building shelter. They developed new methods of hunting and gathering and cooking their food. They invented agriculture, domesticated other animals, and created earthenware and metal tools. As they became more numerous, they developed more sophisticated forms of social organization.

But all that our ancestors achieved was not the full realization of all their highest hopes and dreams. Being fully human is about more than getting enough to eat, being warm, or pursuing an ordinary life. It is about aspiring to what is greater and better and to live a happier and more meaningful life, even if that means something still unknown and mysterious.

Our ancestors suffered and experienced many difficulties and trials. Although they died, they passed on their hopes and dreams to the next generation, from one generation to another across so many millennia.

Our ancestors' lives anticipated the lives we now lead, and our lives anticipate the lives of those who will live a long time from now. There is a continuity of vision, hope, dreams, and faith. They hoped for the best for their lives, and we hope for the best, too.

Today, we must continue to run the race our ancestors began, until we arrive at the finishing line, the fulfillment of all our hopes and dreams, and theirs.

(c) Arcturus Gregory

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