Humility in Ascension

Some people will say that it is arrogant for humanity to aspire to
become godlike.
There is a paradoxical truth here -- to be divine is to be humble, in
the sense of realistic self-appraisal. So if we are humble, then we do
not claim to be god, because we are not yet god, but it is precisely
then, when we are humble, that we are for that very reason more like
Humans often delude themselves have a low, impoverished notion of the
divine, so they they can tell themselves that they are already divine.
But when we have a grasp of the infinite nature of the absolute God, we
know we are not yet that, and that is why we can aspire to it. So we
are humble and honest with ourselves about ourselves, and see ourselves
accurately and yet mercifully, and so we seek to ascend to godhood by
more honesty, more humility, more accurate perception, and more
ambition for the task before us -- to become infinite in wisdom,
compassion, understanding, and power.

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