In my last few messages, I have discussed three concepts -- the better world to come, the divine, and immortality -- that link our transhuman vision of the future with themes common to religions from all over the world and throughout history.
The theme of the better world to come we now understand is realized in our efforts to make the world a better place through self-understanding, science, technology, and understanding one another. Through learning we can acquire knowledge and wisdom and the fullest, best realization of our own inner natures, and we can also build the tools which will allow us to transform ourselves, so that we can become better able to learn, better able to know and understand, and better able to realize and fulfill ourselves, both as individuals and as members of the entire human family and the fellowship of all sentient beings. The better world to come is the world of the future which we can and will build, if we set our hearts and minds on it, and if we realize the proper methods and tools of development and progressive, directed evolution. The world we look forward to is not merely more technologically advanced, a world of more conveniences than now, a world of a few more inventions. The world we can and should look forward to is a world transformed, transfigured by our own transformation as human beings, and a world in which all nature and the physical world will be transfigured by our transcendence and the effects of our transcendence.
The transcendence of the human condition and the limitations of humanity as currently constituted is anticipated and theorized through the ancient traditions of gods and superhuman sages. Again, we human beings should not look forward to being merely more aware of certain facts or more empowered by various technological gadgets. We should look forward to realizing all of what we are and hope to be, all the best of what we can be. What we are now is the germ of what we will become, and what we are now will be transfigured in what we will become. Like a seed growing into a tree, like an infant growing into an adult, we will not be as we are now. Humanity is still in its infancy, but when it grows up, it will ascend.
Eternal life is something that perhaps cannot fully imagine in our current form, but as a goal we see it before us and all kinds of ancient religions have passed on visions of it as something to aspire to. The work of resurrection, like the work of paradise and ascension to godhood, is our work, a task that we must set ourselves to realize and accomplish. Only in enduring, ascended life will our aspirations as human beings be realized. We are not born to be interwined with death, and we must purge death from ourselves and all humanity and sentient beings.
This transhuman vision is not something completely new in the world; it is a new understanding of, and dedication to, aspirations as old as humanity itself. UI is the fulfillment of all that is best in all the world's religions. It is in UI that their visions of a better world to come, the divine, and eternal life can be realized.

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