A New Day Dawning

The world has so many problems; how can we say there is a better future ahead?
We can and should pay attention to the problems and inadequacies that exist today and do everything we can to remedy them, but we should also not take the many things humanity has accomplished until now for granted. We should not take for granted the solutions to past problems, and focus only on current problems, if that will cause us to lose heart.
When we remind ourselves of what has already been accomplished, we can be more confident about our readiness to continue and build further toward the better world to come.
That is why we need to understand that faith and hope have a role in our survival as human beings and all possibility of our future flourishing. Faith and hope can allow us to stand up to the nihilism of discouragement, cynicism, and misanthropy which can arise from our impatience and frustration, from our so high, and thus so frequently dashed, expectations for humanity.
The worst moments in human history may lie ahead of us, but we must be determined to hold on to faith and hope to survive those times and emerge, as humans always have eventually, victorious. We must believe that every loss and destruction we suffer can, and will, someday be redeemed.
A new day is dawning, and the light of this dawn arises first as a vision of happiness, and a desire for happiness, and a perception of the possibility of happiness - happiness, that is, the total fulfillment of humanity.

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