Reaching Higher

Many people look for meaning and purpose for their lives by looking to other people, or to a supposed god, or to a political cause, or to wealth or fame or high status. Yet no matter how we may chase such things, we can never be truly happy that way.
The true meaning and purpose of our lives is not "out there" to found or acquired; meaning and purposes are not to be randomly created, either, as the existentialists suggested.
The true meaning and purpose of our lives is already real, already inside us, waiting to be found and recognized in our already existing unique natures, which we already possess. If we examine ourselves deeply, carefully, critically, and honestly, we can discern it. It has to do with what we are -- that is, what we have come to be. And it also has to do with what we are becoming, and what we will become. It has to do with how we are living, and how we will someday live.
What we are now is the seed of what we will and must become. We must break in order for the potential inside us to sprout and grow into what is greater, what we were meant to be. We must die to what we have been in order to be born to what we could and should become. We must change in order to truly fulfill all that we already potentially are.
The human is the seed of the divine, and humanity is the seed of a  future society of gods. What we are now is not what we will become, but it contains the germ of it. The divine is what we will become, and the divine life is the life we will live. The divine life is not a life we can live now, but the life we live now can become the seed of that future, divine life, if we recognize and cultivate our lives to prepare ourselves and accelerate the time when that day will come. It is by deciding a better future and working towards it that that better future is created; it is by our belief and action today that a better future can come into being.
The divine nature will be crafted by technology and guided by science, but it will also be decided by our natures, so that what we are trying to be will be critical to determing what we will craft ourselves into by means of technology. It is only if we develop wisdom and self-understanding in ourselves, and if we continually try to live up to our "better natures', that we can stay on the path to becoming the best fulfillment of our present potential, that is, divine.

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