New Year

I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year as we look forward to many new years to come and eventually a better future world and a transcendence of the human condition.
Some people think the better future is coming inevitably, and that all they have to do is wait for it - they channel their excitement into impatience and irritation at the slow progress they see so far. They think the shiny new future is coming like a gift from Santa Claus.
But without US, without people all over the world working in many ways to prepare the better future that is coming - without us, the future will never come. If everyone waited around for everyone else to work on bringing about the better future, we'd still be waiting, no better off than we are now, a thousand years from now,
If the better future we look forward to is not coming fast enough for us, we should then be motivated to work all the harder. Faith in a better world to come leads to confidence, and that confidence brings determination, and results in effort and thought. Effort and thought, in turn, lead to success and tangible evidence of our progress. The faith we have, and the confidence it brings, must be deep and strong enough to carry us past any setbacks, obstacles, or difficulties, however grave or prolonged.
Let's dedicate ourselves again this year to doing everything we can to bring about a better future. If you have the time and talent, you might study to work in fields that advance the coming of a better world - not just science and technology, but also many other fields will contribute to our ultimate success.
We can all find ways to turn what we do toward sustaining and pushing forward the state of the world around us, even if only small and local ways.
If you have no time, but you have money, consider contributing to good causes - the Society for Universal Immortalism, of course, but also scientific and technological projects in almost any field and any organizations that help people and make the world a better place. Make sure such projects are yielding or likely to yield worthy results - not every organization that claims a lofty goal does so.
If you have no time or money, spread the word! Open your mouth to everyone you know and let them know what you think about the future and encourage them to grasp the possibilities. Most of all, grasp them yourself and make sure you enjoy, in your present life, a foretaste of the happiness that is to come.
Our thoughts must also surely be with those who have been placed into cryopreservation this year - may they have a safe passage.


David Wallace Croft said...

Well said. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

我對自己的信心已超越別人對我的評價 ..................................................

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